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Enjoy the colonial architecture from a beautiful 3 floor house in the heart of Oaxaca’s Historic Center and experience Oaxaca first-hand, its traditions, culture and daily life.


OFRENDA is the ideal space if you want to rest and live the spiritual experience that accompanies the day to day in this Cultural Heritage City of Humanity and if you need a place for events, weddings, industry meetings, family retreats and guided tours! This is your place.


Enjoy the Oaxacan sunsets from our ROOF TOP, relax reading a book accompanied by a mezcal or an excellent organic coffee in our hammocks.


And for meetings with friends and family we have Our communal space that has a bar just for you, lounge area and it is our area to eat and you can also taste mezcal!


OFRENDA is dedicated to the experience of mezcal, industry, family, lovers of the world and travelers! Exploit your chef skills, let your imagination fly in our kitchen, which is equipped with everything you need to experience Oaxaca cuisine, we have a market two streets away, where you can buy fresh, seasonal products and many spices and chiles that only find in Oaxaca.



Ofrenda is a space where you will find the intimacy necessary to reconnect with you, expand your horizons through the colors, aromas and the spirit of the people, but you can also enjoy your family and friends, strengthen ties in a way that only Oaxaca it can offer.


Enjoy the 3 floors, 6 rooms, 9 beds, 1 private bar and access to all the best bars, restaurants, palenque tours and other fun packages that you only find in the Historic Center of Oaxaca.


Services and Common Areas

There will always be someone at home available to help when necessary, it is like having a friend in the city, we can help coordinate the pick-up and transfer service to the airport, private transportation and dinner reservations, some bar recommendations, we are a few steps from LA POPULAR, ZANDUNGA, ESCAPULARIO, TACOS DEL CARMEN, MEZQUITE, MEZCALOGIA, GOZOBI among other restaurants and mezcalerías that you will surely love. If you are looking for private tours of mezcal and other Oaxacan treasures (such as secret waterfalls, private ceramics workshops, etc.) we are here to help you, you will also find Santo Domingo Church and the Tourist Walker, a landmark in the Oaxacan capital. The time of stay in Ofrenda will be more like a retirement or Oaxaca vacation!

About Ofrenda, your home in Oaxaca; On the first floor are our common areas, our bar, taste the spirit of oaxaca through its mezcales. Impress your friends and family with your culinary dowry, prepare the food in our kitchen, the space is optimized for 7 tables, more than 25 seats, including 8 seats in the bar. There is 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and a private bathroom (perfect for children and / or adults who do not like stairs). The second floor of Ofrenda is exclusive for guests, with private access, has 5 rooms: 2 rooms with 2 double beds and 3 private rooms with double beds, and each room with private bathroom.

Enjoy the sunrises or the nights on the balcony of our master suite, live close to traditional festivals with their music, calendars and fireworks. The third floor of Ofrenda is our favorite, the terrace (also known as the roof) with a stunning 360 degree view of downtown Oaxaca, a great place to relax in hammocks or comfortable chairs and have a cup of coffee in the morning or a mezcal at night. We have organized some really special events on this roof in recent months, the MAX capacity is more than 75 people comfortably, so if you are looking for a fully functional event space, we can help you with that as well.

Attention to the guests

We will always be on the lookout during your stay, without bothering you but with the willingness to help you with whatever you need. When you rent the house we avoid organizing events during your stay, or in special cases we will consult you beforehand so as not to interfere with your plans.


Other highlights

Ofrenda is located right in the heart of downtown Oaxaca, which is the safest city location. There are incredible things that happen here every day! Parades, calends, fireworks, dances; Occasional fireworks, and bell tolls can accompany your mornings, so do not be scared to enjoy the heartbeat of Oaxaca! Everything that is said may vary according to the social calendar of Oaxaca. ENJOY YOUR STAY.

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